Learn Stock Investing through PSE Stock Trading Game

Here's an exciting way to learn stock investing. The Philippine Stock Exchange or PSE website has this web game that allows you to make stock trading (buy and sell) transactions online with other users just as how you would o in an online stock market.

So the game has the basic transactions types of buy and sell stocks and then how you would want to do it (MARKET or LIMIT). I think the prices at the PSE stock quote page apply and trading guidelines such as trading hours also apply.

Learn Stock Investing

To join and learn more about Stock Investing, do the following:

1. Go to the Philippine Stock Exchange Stock Trading Game website.
2. Register
3. After registration, you can immediately login at their main page.

You will have an initial Net Portfolio Value of  1 million pesos and you're free to invest it on any symbol (company) you like. It may also be helpful to get a brush up on your stock trading vocabulary by reading some unfamiliar terms at investopedia if you ever encounter one.

PSE Stock Trading Game

Learning the stock market and stock investing through this stock exchange game has never been this fun and easy! Now you don't need to have money and you don't have an excuse why not to learn stock investing.
9 comments on "Learn Stock Investing through PSE Stock Trading Game"
Mathew Hidden said...

Really the game has the basic transactions types of buy and sell stocks .

Penny Stocks

Levy Aguirre said...

I have been DREAMING of stock investing. Let me try this....

Fehbee_oblea said...

their system is down... :(

Fehbee_oblea said...

 Order entry is temporarily unavailable.
The system is doing a clean-up. " -PSE

Jervhen said...

Hayz... just remove it its always doing a stupid clean up. I just Wish WSS & Updown has the same time zone.

abie said...

the system is doing a clean up....................

lgfg said...

2013 na down pa rin

Phil Board said...

Sayang naman to. gusto ko pa nman sana i try. http://www.philboard.net

miko said...

you can actually trade during PSE trading hours. From 9;00 -12;00 nn. Pag tapos na trading hours, thats when u get a message that their system is down or cleaning up...

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