How To Become Rich in the Philippines

So you want to become rich in the Philippines ? A lot of people see our present economic situation here in the Philippines as a disadvantage to become rich. But to me this is more of an opportunity than a problem. In fact, a lot of foreign investors have taken advantage of that fact and have made themselves a gold mine here... Just look at the offshore outsourcing services that sprouted everywhere!

The Philippines is a country with a lot of problems and a lot of problems mean a lot of opportunities. This is one thing that a lot of Filipinos miss out. If they ever get to realize it, by the time they take action the opportunity is already gone. Like I said in one of my previous post, opportunity has a time limit.


Business Ideas are everywhere. It is important that we financially educate ourselves first so we could better prepare for action. Starting out small is a good way to find out other options without hurting yourself too much if you ever fail. If try to start up big is like soaring up high and once you fall, how high you soared is also how hard you'll hit the ground.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes... I liked the IT profession especially my specialization in programming because it allowed me to make several mistakes and not cry over it but instead, learn from it. I am now taking this practice into my small ventures in entrepreneurship and investing. I long to meet people with the same mindset and mentors who can teach me and help me correct my mistakes.

Become Rich In The Philippines Now

Certainly, becoming rich has never been this fun and exciting nowadays. Especially with the advent of the internet, a lot of things that you could not do before can now be done online. The trade of information is fast and ideas are becoming limitless! Becoming rich is all about mindset and we have to train our brains to think like a rich person. This is the best time to become rich in the Philippines, right here in our country!

Update: March 2, 2011

It's been a while since I made this post and while travelling the country, the Phippines is a country rich in natural resources and there's a lot of talent that if we only knew how to properly utilize, could make a lot of people successful and attract riches. My future posts will be about my travel stories here in the country that I hope would make a lot of people realize that there is hope for the country!
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Allan @ Rich Money Habits said...

Great insights Tim! It's nice to stumble upon a blog that has a similar mindset about the Philippines. I totally agree with you that we have a great opportunity awaiting us here in the Philippines. Good luck on your financial journey!

Tim said...

Thanks Allan! Cheers for a first world Philippines!

mitzleah said...

Whatever you are doing failure is an option, fear is not. - James Cameron

Aimee said...

Nice ideas, i especially liked "do not be afraid to make mistakes" :)

LucyofNarnia said...

I agree, more problems..lot of opportunities..
great post.. :D

Fernan Borines said...

When I hear anybody say, "hindi talaga yayaman 'pag sa Pilipinas lang, kailangan mag-abroad", I always feel the urge to respond and tell them that this is a negative and very flawed thinking which could really prevent them from getting rich.

It's not the Philippines. It's our mindset. Opportunities are really everywhere. What we need is initiative and a proactive spirit. The internet has leveled the ground for everyone to start a business, online or otherwise. It's never been easier and cheaper to promote a brand name, advertise, or build a network than ever before. And we can't say that the Philippines is being left behind in this arena, internet access is just across the street for everyone.

Start small! Yes there's so much wisdom in starting small but with the goal and vision of being big and dominating a niche.

The Philippines is our "acres of diamonds". It's here. Let's make it here. Let's patronize our own. Rich is here and now!

Tim said...

Well said Fernan! And nice site you got there btw, I like seeing those expensive houses because there's one of my dream house. :)

"Become Rich With a Rich Mindset"

Vic said...

I agree with this article. For me, Filipinos should be the one who have the most advantageous position to get rich in the Philippines. This is where we are planted, and this is where we will grow and flourish optimally.

Anonymous said...

i am one of those that go abroad and think that way. not because we cant get rich here in our own country due to our mindset but because of all the corrupt !@#!@#$ in our govt who makes businessmen suffer. Hopefully, this will all change starting with Noynoy. And besides, i need capital to start small. imagine them controlling the exchange rate of my hard earned dollars so that they can skim off the top. in lieu of giving us PHP 50 for each USD, they lower the exchange rate to 49 or 48. That is a lot of money, considering manpower is our number 1 export at 8 billion dollars a year. And some of us are stupid for voting and permitting these people to stay in power. After a big scandal, give it a few months and we forgive and forget. And these people are walanghiya,na kahit na scandal na ay tatakbo pa rin at violllaaaaa, mananalalo pa rin. Sorry guys if i offended u, just wanted to get it out of my chest. Its dreadful that i have to work in a very undeveloped hostile country in africa just to earn more money and provide the family with better standard of living. While we sit on the country's resources. Who doesnt want to be rich? But others do it on the other side of the fence. But who does get rich? look at the richest people in the philippines- most are not really from here. Its not their fault they got rich, its ours coz we allowed them to be. They may have gone over the fence to get rich but nobody stopped them. why? coz our officials got paid! And those who are willing to catch them got canned by the higher official who got higher paid. And these rich people said 'we cant get rich here in our country, let go abroad. lets go to the philippines.' And now they are rich.

Anonymous said...

WOW.. this is a great blog concerning many of our fellow filipinos doesn't know how to figure out wat is an opportunity.. your right it's about problems.. its all about mind set..

Business Registration Philippines said...

Very well said. Thanks for sharing! I agree when you said "a lot of problems mean a lot of opportunities". Most Filipinos failed to realize that, there are variety of things waiting to be explored and discovered we only need to work on it and be ready to take risks.

ofwpinoy said...

“ACTION” without action…nothing happens. How many unsuccessful people do you know... who can “talk the talk” but never do anything? And that is why there are successful people and unsuccessful people.
Have you noticed how much time, effort and money people wasted on the problem, instead of on the solution? I have come to the conclusion that there are only two factors that hold people back.
1. Lack of the effort needed to THINK properly. That is down to pure laziness, because we can all train ourselves to do that.
2. Fear of losing. The greatest holdback to anyone that modern society has adopted. Notice that successful people are also action people.
You may now see clearly that if you can put those two together in a positive manner, you will have more successes.
Thinking and then planning is the key to the action needed. Do that, and you will be the person who’s dreams will come true.
One gem I know that is guaranteed to work is to write it down, think about the solutions you need. Write them down with a plan of action. You now have all you need to proceed. That’s it, simple really, perhaps too simple for many! I could fill pages of advice but you do not need it and that is a FACT.
I would like to finish with just one question! What are you going to do today that will enhance the life of yourself and those dependent upon you.
The only genuine question you have to ask yourself is – Why are you not rich yet?
What has prevented you from getting the wealth you deserve? Do you get answers like the following?
• I was born in a poor family
• I need to support my family
• I am too young/old
• I’m not smart enough
• I have no opportunities
• I lack the qualifications
• I have an unsupportive spouse
• I have no luck
• The economy has been down
Do any of these sounds familiar to you?
Now the trouble with all these answers is that you’re blaming someone or something else for the financial situation you’re in right now and that you’ve been a VICTIM of circumstances.

The real reason why people never get rich!
You see, most people go through life with the victim’s mindset and this prevents them from ever changing their financial situation. When they don’t get the results they want, victims tend to give themselves lots of excuses like “I’m just unlucky, I have no experience, I’m too old to earn more, I’m too young to be rich, I have no capital, I was born poor or I’m not a creative person”. The reason all these are lousy excuses is because we know that there are many examples of people who have created wealth for themselves, despite all these perceived disadvantages.
Victims also tend to blame everyone except themselves. When you ask victims why they are not rich yet they will say something like, “my boss won’t give me a raise”, I don’t get any opportunities, the stock market caused me to lose everything”. And instead of finding a way to improve and change, victims spend their time complaining but don’t do anything about it.
The trouble is that when you give yourself excuses, blame others and whine, it means that someone else or something else is controlling your life and your lack of wealth. Since you believe that it is not your fault, then you are powerless to change it. If you have a victim’s mindset and hold doggedly onto the belief that external forces are controlling your wealth, then any wealth strategies you learn will be of no use.
The moment you acknowledge that you create your own fortune or lack of it, it means that you have given yourself the power to start becoming rich right now. And when you discover the strategies of wealth creation, you will find that you can make money at any age, with any background, with little or no money and in any economy.

frugalofw said...

Hi there!

You have a great blog right here. I came across your blog through topblogs! There are a limitless of information here, I am loving it.

I am one of Filipinos who go abroad to work for a good compensation but I never lose hope for my country. One day, I will go home for good and explore the opportunities our abundant Philippines has to offer.

By the way, I have added your blog in my blogroll.

God bless.


Anonymous said...

Just believe the power of God and the power of your mind. Ask and think something BIG everyday and you'll receive something BIGGER. Use this formula and you'll see.

It works for me...Always.

nirdla said...

i am very much concentrated on how to bceome rich person, but to the fact that people here in the people.. ( as had been said.. mindset..) cannot do the right decision because they are tight up with the current poor situation.. let me tell u sir and madam.. it is very hard to reach somebody\s hand for help ...ang sarili mo pa.. but the truth is and the question are when where do we have to start..
ang hirap kung wala kang pansimula to start even a small business..

for kahit na i am in the not so good position.. its very hard to coupe up to the economic cost .. kasi ang mahal konti na ang kinita mauuw pa sa mahal na gastusin.. what if the government try to lower down the commodities i think everyone will not suffer the high cot.. tnx and more power guys..

Levy Aguirre said...

I have been here in Saipan for almost twenty years. But all the years I've been here, only my body is here, making money but investing everything in the Philippines. Let's all believe the Law of Attraction, it is very, very true.

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Madhab Jha said...

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rane_crafts said...

Tnx for i know where did i go've taught me

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