Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010 Writing Project

I started blogging when I started my career as a Java developer about 4 years ago. That was when I started with my technical blog and have been actively growing it since then. Just a few months ago, I had a grown interest to blog about personal finance. Hence, Every Peso Counts was born... It was my first personal domain registration by the way.

Since I started blogging, I started to meet a lot of friendly people and some from different parts of the world would compliment my unrefined writing and say good things about them. A lot of them helped me and motivated me intentionally or not in times when I'm almost losing interest blogging. So right now, I am officially making my entry for the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010 Writing Project which was initiated by Ms. Janette Toral of InfluentialBlogger.Net.

Like what Ms. Janette says in her blog, I can only include blogs that were started on or after March 2009. Website profile or owner profile must be accessible. For more information on how to join this project, please refer to this link.Without further ado, here are my nominees

1. Defying Changes - Owned by Jonha Ducayag Revesencio, Defying changes is a blog about AU Pair Scam, Investing, Practical Tips and saving Money. I think I first visited her blog by clicking through some comments on another finance blog. She is a very savvy writer and very friendly.

2. The Best Online Business Guide - If you're looking for tips on How To Start Up an Online Business and making money online then

6. Rabsing - A blog of an IT graduate who has a high passion for music. He does personal performances on youtube for special songs by request.

7. Jay.eLx - Get updated on the latest movies and advanced movie reviews. In doubt if you should go out and watch a particular movie? Check out Jay.eLx!

8. The Creative Dork - A blog that contains photoshop tutorials and funny comic strips! I must say that his blog is a graphical masterpiece in blogging.

9. Manila Shopaholic - I think what most girls/women would like to read about... Shopping!

10. Kwarto Khanto - A blog of random thoughts, some humor and reminiscing stories. I saw Blue Blink! I love Blue Blink!

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20 comments on "Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010 Writing Project"
rabsin_d said...


I hope you include my music vlog,, in your list.


Tim said...

Hi rabsin_d

Sure! 4 more slots!

rabsin_d said...

Thank you very much! I have added your dad's blog in my blog roll :)

BTW, do you mind editing your entry...instead or 'Rabsin' you might want to use 'Rabsing'

Again, thank you!

Jay-L said...

If you're list is not complete yet, I would recommend to check out my blog at JAY-ELX.BLOGSPOT.COM

Started as a personal in September of 2009, this blog already received more than 25,000 hits according to StatCounter. Gained a Pagerank 3 and an Alexa Rank of 6,320 in PH (1,229,308 Worldwide) It also always at the upper Top 15 of in it's category. With 98 blog post, this blog already received 121 blog comments.

Thru the Manila Bloggers Network, I got to access premiere nights invites and press screenings of major international films & local indie films which I get to post in this blog. Also because of my blog, I was contacted by a PR of Walt Disney Films, Columbia Pictures & Warner Bros to attend their movie premiere so I can do a movie review in my blog. I was also invited by Star Cinema to attend their presscons, for the 3rd time now.

To prove that I don't made this blog to gain money from it, I only put ads on it this month July 2010, after almost 9 months :) Hope you can consider my blog :D

Tim said...

@rabsin_d - No problem man! Keep up the good work! Maybe I'd request a song or something in the future! :)

@Jay-L - Added your blog to my list! Interesting blog you got and very impressive!

Now... No one's really voted me yet... :( 3 more slots left!

Robbie said...

Hey! I hope you consider nominating for my blog as well. It's fairly new but I work hard to make sure people are entertained and that they pick up some stuff from my Photoshop tutorials and other design tips. I also make weekly comic strips. =)

rabsin_d said...

thank you! :)

Tim said...

@Robbie - Nice blog you got there! I envy your illustration skills. -_-

Jay-L said...

wow thanks! anyway I already added your blog thanks for dropping by.

Tim said...


Nope, thanks! I'm sure your blog will be very useful for me in the near future! See you around in the blogosphere!


I feel very happy right now. It's nice to meet new people. I hope you get to check my blog once in a while!

Kinney said...


I hope you consider for your list. I aim to feature new and upcoming brands and entrepreneurs here in the Philippines. =)

Robbie said...

Hey! Thanks so much for nominating my blog! =) I'm very grateful.

khantotantra said...

promote ko baka makasali sa list mo.

random posts po with a bit of humor.


Tim said...

@Kinney - Nice Blog! I'm sure your blog will be very useful for me and a lot of people!

@Robbie -No Problem Dude!

@khantotantra - Nice posts! I love Blue Blink! Uhmm... I think you should turn off the music though...

@everyone - The list is now complete... Thanks for visiting my blog and see you around in the blogosphere!

Noah Mark Rodolfo said...

Hey Tim, whats up? thanks for including my blog in your list. I really appreciate it.

More power to us Bloggers!

Tim said...

Hi Mark! No Problem! I'm doing great. I love your blog so I can't possibly not include it here. Thanks for dropping by!

Kinney said...

THanks for adding me to your list!! :) I really appreciate it :)

Jonha Ducayag Revesencio said...

Hey Tim!

You sure made my day! I was kind of bored and Googling my name when I came across this result and I was like, Whooa, I'm on top of the list!" Can't just believe it! Pretty neat list, I sure love it!

Tim said...

Hahaha! It's been there for a while Jon! You've been missing in action for a while! Please vote for me if you ever decide to join the contest!

Jonha @ Happiness said...

Hi Tim!

I am not sure if this is something that's still going on, either tweet me or DM me if it still is, I am just clueless, haha

You don't know how much this means to me really and how I've come to gain friends through blogging, I guess it's far more important than the meager Adsense earnings that we get. It's all about the experience, the community that we build and that wonderful, fulfilling feeling we feel after we post and realize just how the post has touched lives. It's just so amazing.

I am not really so much into this blogging contests whatsoever but I might just come up with some neat list sometime, I just dunno. Let me know if this is still in motion. :)Thanks again!

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