Helping People Achieve Their Dreams

I've been looking back lately... Some people would do nice things to me without me having to ask them. I wondered why and I thought... I must have done something good to these people. I don't have much to give in terms of material things. So I thought... It must have been... Time.

By giving other people the blessing of our own time we are helping other people achieve their dreams. These people in turn, become highly motivated in helping you in return without you having to ask for it.

In order to receive, you first have to give. You have to give cheerfully, and don't expect anything in return. I noticed that offering help and help with some sacrifice is often more appreciated but not a requirement. There will never be a time that you will not be busy, make time for others. Again, make time for others.

You can of course only give what you have. Do not offer help at the cost of other people's time or resources just to please someone. Do not promise what you cannot fulfill. I learned from my younger brother that empty words are just as bad as lying. You don't necessarily promise, but you don't really have the intention of helping. Just make your no be no and your yes be yes.

For the people who expected and got disappointed, do not add burden to the people who disappointed you. A lot of people are already suffering as they are, though we may never understand their suffering. Do you really want to add burden upon them by continually reminding them of the things they failed to do for you? Alleviate their suffering by forgiving them and that would encourage them to do better next time.

In my observation, helping people around you solve their problems and achieve their goals is a fundamental aspect of business. If you look at businesses today, they all solve a particular problem. These businesses help achieve their clients' goals. A business for example on the outsourcing business helps another business fill up the shortage on staff (I believe that solving that problem comes first before the price). An outsourcing business helps achieve goals but still profit from it.

So with this in mind, I thought... Why not start with ourselves? If my goal is to build up a business that helps solve problems someday... Then I should first start helping people achieve their dreams.
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