BDO ATM Machine Says : Your Card Has Been Reported Lost/Stolen

One sunny afternoon I tried to withdraw money from a BDO ATM machine using a BDO ATM card. To my surprise, the machine rejected my card and spitted out a receipt that says Your Card Has Been Reported Lost/Stolen.

I tried again using other ATM machines such as BPI, Metrobank, HSBC, etc. but still resulted to the same message. So when I got the opportunity to drop by a BDO branch (the actual bank), I inquired about my broken ATM card.

They simply told me that my card was "compromised". It's not my account, but just my card that was compromised. According to them, this could be because that some ATM machines would try to tamper (or maybe they have successfully done so) your card, and for some reason, BDO knows about this and so they mark your card as compromised.

BDO ATM Debit Card
What they'll do is ask you to go to the branch where you opened your account (and where they issued your card). You'll have to fill up a simple form, also make sure to bring at least one government ID with you.

Well, I hope that helps. Tell me when it does!

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Mary Grace Torres said...

wow..this really happens..good thing the banks nowadays filter these kinds of tampering..

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