Plan Your Actions Towards Your Goals

Have you set your goals for this year? You probably started the year with a lot of motivation and optimism, but have you set your action plan? Most of us are good in planning but fail to execute, and I believe that is because we have not set an action plan.

Your actions, like your goals, need to be planned. Your actions, no matter how small, has a big effect on the outcome of your plans. That is especially true if you do it everyday. So if you only browse through your Facebook friends' status everyday instead of replacing that habit with an action that gets you closer to your goal, chances are you are never going to make it. Don't leave it out to chance.

Written Goal

So let's take a look back on the goals you've set. First, make sure that your goals meet the following criteria.
  1. You have identified each goal to be very specific.
  2. You have set a time limit to achieve each goal, I like to set my time limits quarterly (every 3 months) and there are 4 quarters in 1 year. I set my mind to work on the short-term goals first.
  3. You have identified "your role" in that goal. Is it personal, family-related or career related? This could help you in your "prioritization".
Now, for each of your goal, you need to identify the steps to achieve that, here's an example.

I have set a goal to make 3 YouTube videos during the first quarter. I have set this goal to be a personal matter. In order to do that and having identified the impediments to make 3 successful YouTube uploads, I have to do the following:
  • Buy 4 MultiMediaCard (MMC) for data storage. I don't like going to the computer back and forth just to free up space.
  • Buy a memory card reader (as I have to go somewhere with a fast Internet connection to upload my vids).
  • I identified what I'm going to feature on each video. I'll be making an outline on what to say (I do commentaries) and in what order.
  • Make 1 YouTube video every month (so 3 videos on the first quarter).
As you can see, where I allocate my finances also affect the outcome of this goal. I probably have to cut off on my "miryenda" to afford those extra MMC's and memory card reader.

One last thing I want to point out is to make sure that you have written down your goals. Everyday, when I get the time to sit and think about other things, I pull out my notebook where I've written down all my goals for this year and retrospect. Try to look back and see if your actions are inline with your goals. If not, try to change them.

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2 comments on "Plan Your Actions Towards Your Goals"
Finance Apprentice said...

Totally agree! I make plans for my goals too.

I think most of the time, life goals, resolutions and aspirations don't get achieved simply because they keep being forgotten or kept vague and complicated. A plan and constant reminder can definitely solve all of that.

everypesocounts said...

Yep, an "action plan" to be precise. :)

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